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Center for Applied Policy Research in Livestock (CAPRIL)

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Activity 1

1. Livestock vision

Assigned by 
Minister planning

Status: Inauguration is awaited

Activity 2

2. Policy Research 
paper on import of
Milk Powder

Sent to all in policy 

Status: National Assembly 
recommended100% increased duty

Activity 3

3.Assessment of Loose milk supply chain to Lahore city

Funded to UVAS Granted 0.72
3000 questionnaire collected Will help in 
Pasteurization act

Will help in Pasteurization act

Activity 4

4. Need Assessment 
of DVM Graduates

Funded by PVMC 
Grant 0.2 Million

Status: Completed by UVAS Business 

Activity 5

5. Adaptability of Holstein Friesian in Punjab

A consultancy project of 75 days Being conducted on farms
Ravi campus

Will help in import policy making

Activity 6

6.An empirical 
investigation of Consumer Alienation among broiler meat consumers in Punjab

Funded by Pakistan 
Poultry Association.


Activity 7

7.Factors Affecting Price Determination of Broiler Meat in Pakistan

Funded by Pakistan
Poultry Association


Activity 8

Profiling and Database development of Commercial Poultry Producers in Punjab

Funded by Pakistan 
Poultry Association


Activity 9

9.A quantitative investigation on the demand and supply fluctuations of broiler in Lahore

Funded by Pakistan
Poultry Association


Activity 10

10. Milk adulteration 
survey in Pakistan

Funded by Tetra 

Field work has been done.