UVAS Press Release

UVAS organised Pets Gala

LAHORE (28-11-18): The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences UVAS Lahore student society Vets Care Club in collaboration with private sectors pets feed and medicines companies organised Pets Gala here in City Campus Lahore.
UVAS Chairman Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery Prof Dr Arif Khan and Major Kaleem Ullah from Remount Veterinary and farms Corps Pakistan were the chief guest of the Pets gala while Prof Dr Aneela Zameer Durrani, Dr Syed Saleem, Dr Zia Ullah Mughal and a large number of people from civil society, pets lover, students and faculty member attended.
Different species of dogs, cats and birds breeds were displayed. The main purpose was to impart demonstration, knowledge and information to the young veterinarians and also to educate pet owners regarding food and feed general management and heath parameters of pets.
Later Major Kaleem Ullah chaired prize distribution ceremony and distributed shields and certificates among the pets owner.

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