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International Parasitology Conference (PARACON) concludes

Experts recommended various steps for the eradication of fatal parasites in livestock

LAHORE (26-10-17): The Department of Parasitology of the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore in collaboration with Pakistan Society of Parasitology and Higher Education Commission (HEC) organised concluding ceremony of a two-day International Parasitology Conference (PARACON) on “Recent Advances and Emerging Issues in Parasitology” in UVAS City Campus Lahore.
Prof Dr Jonathan Howard from University of Cologne Germany chaired the concluding session of the International Parasitology Conference (PARACON) concluding session while UVAS Vice-Chancellor Meritorious Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, Chairman Department of Parasitology & President Pakistan Society of Parasitology Prof Dr Kamran Asharaf, Dr Imran Rashid and renowned veterinary & medical practitioners, parasitologists, molecular biologists, biochemist, vector control specialists, zoologists, scholars, researchers, academicians experts from different countries, including America, the UK, Germany, Iran, China, Tunis, Belgium and number of participants from public & private organizations all over Pakistan attended in the (PARACON).
The conference recommended extracted from the oral and poster presentations of (PARACON) that the burden of parasitic food borne diseases in middle east countries is huge due to multiple factors, so control strategies require different steps, control through therapy would be hard in future due to drug resistance, drug resistance is the future concern for the livestock and poultry industry, drug toxicity would be replaced with eco-friendly methods to control parasites, overdosing and repeated deworming with the same drug is the cause of parasite resistance, development of vaccines is the solution for the control of vectors and vector borne diseases, toxoplasmosis is the major concern for food and water borne zoonosis and sharing of technical expertise and knowledge with foreign researchers is necessary to control parasitic diseases.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha said that such conference is necessary for providing & sharing innovative knowledge to young veterinarians, enhancing experiences and developing contacts with national and international experts for the skill development. 
Prof Dr Jonathan Howard thanked to UVAS especially for the hospitality and said conference was  very affective to provide a platform to veterinary & medical practitioners, parasitologists, researchers, academia, students and professionals regarding recent advances and resolving emerging issues of parasitology with the latest research and innovative.
Various scientific sessions, plenary lectures, oral, poster and online presentations from America conducted in the two-day event. In which various aspects also were discussed even all the major areas of parasitology and related to parasitic diseases of veterinary and public health importance, diagnostic chemoprophylaxis, anti-parasitic and vaccines of parasites, zoonotic parasitic diseases and vector-borne diseases and role of veterinarians under one-health concept epidemiology.
Meanwhile Vice-Chancellor Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Designing (PIFD) Prof Ms Hina Tayyaba visits the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore called on Vice-Chancellor Meritorious Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pahsa. She discussed with UVAS VC Prof Dr Pasha present condition of livestock sector and veterinary education and research.

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  • UVAS VC DR Pasha And Prof JOnathan Howard On Stage 2
  • Vice-Chancellor Pakistan Institute Of Fashion And Designing (PIFD) Ms Hina Tayyaba Visits UVAS
  • UVAS VC DR Pasha And Prof JOnathan Howard Group Photo With Participants Of PARACON 1