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UVAS Civic Engagement

The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences aspires to be one of the nation’s leading public sector teaching and Research University that is recognized globally as a hub of world-class education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.

UVAS is providing high quality professional education that prepares the coming generations of highly skilled and ethical professionals to compete in the national and diverse world market. UVAS is also conducting different teaching, research and outreach projects to improve animal and human medicine and health. It is also promoting a learning environment that welcomes and honors gender and cultural equity and provides an atmosphere that values intellectual curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, academic freedom and integrity. Moreover, Offer a vide variety of off and on-campus educational and training programs to individuals and groups UVAS has partnered with communities to improve their live-ability through educational, technical and cultural support

UVAS has realized Civic engagement activities are very important for the socioeconomic improvement of society. As, at the community level, civic engagement by young people makes them an important segment of society by enhancing their legitimacy of the decision-making process. In UVAS different student clubs carry out activities that may not receive as much recognition as other activities but they provide opportunities and experiences that are beneficial to students and often the community. While in UVAS, it is important for students to join clubs. The students who join clubs often participate in volunteer experiences that benefit university.  The clubs take part in giving back to the university in order to have a better institution. In UVAS the student clubs include Savers, Vets Care, Vet Crescent, Blood Donar, Natak Mandli (Dramatic Society on Social Evils).The student clubs also arrange Eid and vaccination Camps, Disaster camps in affected areas for rehabilitation of livestock and people, as and when required.


For all above mentioned purposes, UVAS has joined hands with University of Minnesota and a project has been planned under the name of UVAS-UMN civic engagement project.  UVAS-UMN civic engagement project would be mainly aimed at engaging university students clubs to train and  create awareness on social problems among society.