UVAS 24/7 Extension Service 


Working with livestock, poultry and aquaculture, we at UVAS strive to improve the overall health, productivity and well-being of animals. From the recreational and sport activities of the equine industry, to the increasing demands by consumers for safe and plentiful food, the faculty and staff at UVAS serve client needs through their interactions with professionals and public at  regional, national and international level. This level and depth of interaction will allow our students also to be very competitive when pursuing internships as well as highly sought-after positions in private practice following graduation.

Our Mission :
The mission  of the UVAS  24/7 Extension services is to provide emergency and routine veterinary patient care for all species of large and small animals, to strive to better understand animal disease processes, and to be leaders in the area of animal health and productivity for the betterment of livelihood of farming community.

Our  Principles:

  1. To become client oriented.
  2. To increase coverage of delivered services.
  3. To improve quality of services.
  4. To increase efficiency of human resource development.

Areas for Technical assistance:

  1. Animal health
  2. Farm Management (Dairy, Fattening, Fisheries, Poultry).
  3. Reproductive management


  • DSC 2151
  • DSC 2197
  • DSC 2159
  • DSC 2172