Admission to Postgraduate Degree Program (M.Phil.)


B.Sc. (Hons.) Degree, 2nd Division with 50% marks according to annual system or minimum CGPA 2.50/4.00 according to semester system from a recognized university in related field of study. M.Phil. degree program is being offered in the disciplines of Microbiology, Pathology, Parasitology, Theriogenology, Clinical Medicine, Surgery, Animal Nutrition, Poultry Production, Physiology & Biochemistry and Pharmacology & Toxicology.


Name of Department

Qualifications is required


Clinical Medicine & Surgery
DVM or equivalent Degree
M.B.B.S. / B.D.S.


Animal Nutrition
Poultry Production
Livestock Production
DVM / B.Sc(Hons.) A.H.
equivalent Degree


Pharmacology & Toxicology


DVM or equivalent Degree
M.B.B.S. / B.D.S.
B. Pharmacy
Physiology & Biochemistry
DVM or equivalent Degree
M.B.B.S. / B.D.S.


  Duration For M.Phil.

  • The duration of the course for the Degree of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in full residence shall not be less than four semesters and more than six semesters for whole-time students and not less than six semesters for the University employees admitted as part time students.
  • The maximum duration of the Course for the degree of Philosophy (M.Phil.), for the part time students shall not be more than ten semesters.

  • The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.

  Guide Lines For M.Phil. Students

  • Minimum residential requirement         = 04 Semester (Full time student)

  • Maximum residential requirement        = 06 Semester (full time student)
    (DVM students taking admission to A.P & Technology Faculty will have to study deficiency courses offered by the concerned Department)

  • To complete enrolment formalities                            = Each Semester
    (will submitted dues & enrolment form complete in all respect)

  • Ordinarily a full time student shall not be enrolled for more than 15 and less than 10 credits in a semester except for the last semester.

  • At the end of 1st semester, a student must obtain his GPA: 2.00. However in case of GPA 1.75 or above but les than 2.00, he will be promoted in 2nd semester, but only Once, and he will be kept on probation.

  • At the end of 2nd semester, a student must obtain his CGPA 2.00 and must also pass at least 50% of the course enrolled by him.

  • At the end of 3 rd and onward semesters, CGPA of a student should not be less than 2. 00, otherwise he shall cease to be on the roll.

  • Seminar will be compulsory for each student, but special problem is not compulsory.

  • For the award of the degree, a student must obtain CGPA at least 2.50.

  • Submission of Course Work Program and constitution of their supervisory committee.
                                                                                        = At the end of 1st semester

  • Submission of Synopsis to the Board of Studies          = At the end of 3rd semester
    According to the new policy, the route of synopsis approval will be observed in future as under:

    Student   Supervisor  Supervisory Committee
      Board of studies of Respective Department  
    Dean of the Faculty Concerned  Faculty Scrutiny Committee
    • If Faculty Scrutiny Committee do not suggest any change then Dean Concerned will forward the synopsis to Director, Advanced Studies & Research (DASR) for approval by Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB).

    • If Faculty Scrutiny Committee suggests any change then Dean will send the synopsis back to the Chairman of concerned Department to ask the student make suggestive changes in the synopsis. After making the changes, Chairman of the Department will send the synopsis to Chairman, Faculty Scrutiny Committee for onward submission to DASR for approval from ASRB.

  • Discontinuation of Semester = can discontinue only once during M.Phil. Program but only after first semester

  • Submission of Semifinal/Final Thesis = At the end of 4th (regular) Semester

  • Thesis Examination (Viva Voce) = After scrutinizing all academic administrative requirements